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If you look at my bookshelves- you’ll see a wide variety. Everything from the classic fiction, thrillers, true crime, to cookbooks, and medicinal herbs. I love buying new books. I attempted to use a kindle at one point and epically   failed- I need to have the physical copy, to tun the pages, and to smell […]

From My Shelf To Yours: My Favorite Books

  Giving birth is so many things- It’s hard to capture it in words. Elijah’s birth was unexpected, chaotic, extremely fast, and honestly overwhelming. To get the full effect, I’ll start from the beginning of this little humans entrance into the world. 2:00pm:  On November 8th I went in for my 38 week appointment. My […]

Elijah: A Birth Story

Do you know what’s in your makeup? I sure didn’t- I had no idea that my lipstick had lead in it, that my deodorant was linked to breast cancer, that my lotion was actually causing dry skin, and that my kids shampoo has chemicals linked to developmental defects. I assumed that if it was on […]

My Journey to Non-Toxic Beauty

Do you know what’s in your counter cleaner? I didn’t either. Like most things- I assumed if it was sold on a shelf at a store- it was safe for my family. Obviously not safe enough to drink- but I figured someone somewhere was making sure that it wasn’t causing harm just by spraying my […]

DIY Non-Toxic Cleaner

Something super exciting is happening in 2020!

Big, Big News!

Lake Superior & tall pines? Yes please! Cailey & Kyle ventured up to Duluth to have have their engagement photos done in some of my favorite spots! Cailey & Kyle love spending their days up the shore on the lake doing all the Minnesotan things like catching rays on the lake, finding new hiking spots, […]

Cailey & Kyle | Northwoods Engagement Session