- Michael Scott

"I want to be married and have 100 kids so I can have 100 friends and no one can say "no" to being my friend."

Riley- the adventure dog

Fluent in The Office & Friends quotes, iced coffee connoisseur, and serial type A planner. I’m a believer that the small + seemingly ordinary moments are what make for an extraordinary life. I also use way too many exclamation points and emojis. 

My days are spent with my favorite boys, My husband Jordan & our three boys Jameson, Elijah, + Cooper.
We eat a lot of food, play a lot of games, and most of the time- we actually like each other. 

I’m an expert at telling your story though timeless images while making you feel totally comfortable in front of my camera. Think totally stress free & actually fun. (no stiff poses or fake laughing allowed)

Oh heeyy, I'm Chelsea!


Own a house right on the ocean

See an Orca in the wild

Be on


Bucket List