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Why You Should Hire A Local Photographer

Why You Should Hire A Local Photographer

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Destination elopements and sessions are all the rage right now. I mean, who wouldn’t want to travel to a gorgeous place and get professional photos done there?? But you’re probably wondering if it’s better to hire a photographer that lives near you vs a photographer that lives in the area you are traveling to. Well, guess what; I have the answer: Hire a local photographer. Here’s why:

1. They know all the best spots

Because we are from here. Duh. I shoot in these places ALL.THE.TIME. So I know these places like the back of my hand. I know what time of year is best, the weather, what the crowds are like, etc. because I live here. A photographer that isn’t local will have to rely on internet searches or word of mouth to find locations, and likely won’t see them in person until your elopement day. They also won’t be aware of the hidden gems that are our best-kept secrets that we share with our couples.

2. They know the rules

Okay, super important. Photographers from here know all of the written and unwritten rules of the places we shoot frequently. We know the legal side of things like what places need permits, what places allow fires, etc. While also knowing the unwritten rules that keep the peace and keep these spots in the best condition so everyone can enjoy them for years to come.

3. Support

You obviously love this area for a reason, so support the people that live here! Give back in the best way possible by hiring local vendors that can keep the community strong.

4. Convenience

More than likely- if you hire someone that isn’t local to the area, you will need to pay a travel fee and accommodations for them. Which can add up quickly! If you hire someone from the area you can put that money towards something else!

5. Recommendations

We are experts on the places we live. We know all the best vendors, the best restaurants, the best floral shops, the best EVERYTHING. No need to sift through pages of reviews and just hope it’s what you need, we can tell you exactly what is worth the money when it comes to your vision. And that’s because we work with or go to these places frequently!

I’m definitely not knocking the photographers that travel everywhere to take photos, but I would recommend 10000 times over to hire someone local to the location you are going to be at! We are the destination!

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