unique elopement day activities

Unique Elopement Day Activities

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You chose to elope because you don’t want a traditional wedding and all that comes with it. So you’re probably asking yourself “what do we do all day??”. Well, literally anything you want! But, I’m here to help you out with a list full of unique elopement day activities!

Canoe/ Kayak/Paddleboard

If water sports are your thing, think about heading out on the water for a while during your elopement! There’s no shortage of lakes around here, so let’s hop on some jet skis, take out the boat, or paddle around!


You have to eat at some point so why not make it personal and fun? Grab your favorite foods and drinks and we can head to a private spot so you guys can enjoy them together!

Snow Activities

If you are eloping in the winter, there’s an opportunity to do some amazing things that most people don’t get to do on their wedding day. Anything from skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, dog sledding, or even a winter bonfire! The possibilities are endless.

4×4 adventure

Want to have a little more adventure? Grab the four-wheelers or side by sides and let’s go off-roading! Hopefully, you aren’t too worried about getting messy!


Ready to wind down? Let’s pull out the hammock or go stargazing. Hottubs and saunas are also a great way to relax for a while after an exciting day.

Hit up your favorite spots

Is there a special brewery or coffee shop that you both love? Or a bookstore or plant shop that you go to every weekend? Whatever it is, let’s go and make some more memories on your big day.

More unique elopement day activities:

Airplane/ Helicopter ride
Rock climbing

Horseback riding
Play games
Get tattoos
Play music

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