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How to Elope on the North Shore

The North Shore of Minnesota is getting increasingly popular for elopements, and anyone can see why. With Lake Superior views at every stop, towering tall pines, lush forests, and tons of secret spots to be found. I get asked constantly by couples about the North Shore and best practices- so I’ve finally compiled them into one handy post!

How to Elope on the North Shore

north shore elopement, how to elope, minnesota elopement, elopement photographer

north shore elopement, how to elope, minnesota elopement, elopement photographer

Make sure to buy permits

You’ll likely be going to a state park or two, so make sure you are doing it the right way by purchasing state park passes. If you aren’t from the area- you can usually buy a day pass instead of a yearly one. Passes are important for many reasons, even if you are only going to be there for an hour. Passes pay for park maintenance, park improvements, education, and programs. So don’t be that jerk that just parks in a park without buying your pass! Go here to get yours!

north shore elopement, how to elope, minnesota elopement, elopement photographer

Choose timing wisely

I always encourage my couples to choose their ceremony time either right around sunrise or sunset. This is for a few reasons; Lighting next to the lake can be intense if there isn’t overcast during the day. Opting for morning or evening will give you the perfect light. Another reason to choose these times is that the north shore is BUSY. Like all the time. So to cut down on crowds and dodging strangers while you say your vows- choose one of these times.

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Hire someone local

Hiring someone that frequently does elopements and sessions on the north shore is key. They are going to know all the good spots, where to avoid, and can guide you into choosing the best locations based off your vision. Where if you hire someone from somewhere else- they will likely bring you to crowded spots, not understand the park rules, or how to photograph near a giant ass lake.

State park elopement,minnesota elopement, elopement photographer

Plan for a full day

The north shore is full of beautiful places and there’s no reason to just stick to one location! Don’t be afraid to go to two or three (or four!) different spots. This will give you a large variety of images, more memories, and you’ll be able to experience more of the great north!

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Dress appropriately

This is not the place to wear heels. Grab your good hiking boots, layers, and a backpack. You’ll likely be walking a lot on rocky cliffs or rough trails and your feet will be screaming if you aren’t wearing good shoes. If you’re eloping in the fall/winter make sure to snag a pair of nude leggings for under your dress and make sure to pack extra socks and layers just in case. It can be insanely windy and cold down by the lake so gloves or mittens with you can save your hands too!

State park elopement,  minnesota elopement, elopement photographer

Want to chat about how you can elope on the North shore? Get in touch with me!

  1. Shauna Ward says:

    Wow, these images are amazing. The North shore is going on my bucket list! Thanks for such a great resource.

  2. Molly says:

    At first I thought this was somewhere in the PNW! Lot’s of similarities but way less crowds! Beautiful place to elope

  3. Sienna says:

    The lush greenery of the north shore just can’t be beat! Love!

  4. Stacy says:

    The North shore of Minnesota is such a beautiful place to elope! I love all of your images and great advice.

  5. christina says:

    these pictures are so dreamy – it’s the perfect elopement spot!

  6. Monica says:

    The North Shore is an amazing elopement spot! This is a great resource!

  7. Dakotah says:

    The north shore looks beautiful and all of your advice/tips on how to elope there are great. Such a great resource for couples!

  8. Marla says:

    Yup, perfect advice for anybody considering an elopement here!!

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