DIY Non-Toxic Cleaner

Do you know what’s in your counter cleaner?

I didn’t either. Like most things- I assumed if it was sold on a shelf at a store- it was safe for my family. Obviously not safe enough to drink- but I figured someone somewhere was making sure that it wasn’t causing harm just by spraying my counters with it. Boy was I wrong.

Before I get into how to make your own DIY Non-Toxic cleaner, lets talk about what might be under your sink right now and why you need to get rid of it ASAP.

Common ingredients in all purpose cleaners:

Fragrance: Often an umbrella term that can contain upwards of 400 different chemicals. Most of which are probably toxic. The real kicker? Companies don’t have to disclose what they use for “fragrance” So when you see this term on the back of anything- stay away from it unless they disclose what type of fragrance they are using.

Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA):  These chemicals are used to give you the “sudsy” consistency. These are known endocrine disrupters (mimics hormones in your body and throws them all off & cause much bigger issues like reproductive and fertility issues, cancer, and many others) They are also linked as a neurotoxin (causes damage to the brain & nervous system)

Ethanolamine: When this chemical comes in contact with skin it cause burns, rashes, and eye damage. It suppresses your nervous system and can cause allergic reaction when inhaled.


These are only THREE ingredients- and most cleaners have at least 10-20. I also suggest you look at the directions and warnings on the back of your bottle. Does it say to wipe down your counter with water afterwards? Probably. Doesn’t that concern you? Because it should.

Anyways- Here is my favorite Non-Toxic cleaner that is only TWO ingredients!


What you’ll need:

-Castile Soap (I prefer Dr. Bronners)

-Spray bottle (I like these glass ones– but any one will do!)



What to do:

  1. Fill your bottle up with water and leave about an inch at the top
  2. Add 1-2 table spoons of soap to the bottle
  3. Shake her up and spray away!

I usually spray and let it sit for a minute or two if my counters are especially dirty- and then I wipe with a warm washcloth or paper towels! I use this in my kitchen, bathroom, and I mop my floors with it. It’s seriously my favorite of all time.


But Chelsea, I don’t want to make my cleaner, can’t I just buy something? YES. Here are some good options:

Branch Basics: Seriously the real MVP of cleaning

Seventh Generation Free & Clear

Puracy ( I literally love everything by Puracy. Their stain remover is the bomb)

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